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Hard Rake Quarry

An extensive area of disturbed ground consisting of scattered discard piles, low judd walls, traces of stone workers' shelters, dressing floors and loading platforms, as well as the hills and hollows typical of early quarried ground.

Its beginning and end are unknown but in 1685 roofing 'slates' were sourced from here for rebuilding a house at Coniston, further south in Upper Wharfedale. The ground was worked then by John Harrison and James Stackhouse. In October 1685 the former sold Richard Wigglesworth "twenty gaiges" of roofing stone to eb delivered "good and sufficient to the sight of any workman" by 1 may 1686, and a second order was placed by him for delivery in June 1687.

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Key Words :- flagstone quarries millstone grit group
Address :- Walden, Leyburn, North Yorkshire
Grid Ref :- SD 96552 78013
Co-ordinates :- Lat - 54.197861 , Long - -2.054349
Local Authority :- Richmondshire District Council
Pre 1974 County :- Yorkshire - North Riding
Site Condition :- Site disused - but otherwise substantially intact
Site Status :- Site extant - Protected status unknown
Site Dates :- unknown - unknown