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Yarm Viaduct

Yarm Viaduct. When built by the Leeds Northern Railway between 1849 and 1852 it was one of the largest in the country. With a length of 700 metres and with a height of 22m above the river it dominates the town. The spandrel over the river carries a fine inscription recording the builders and engineers.
This viaduct carried the Leeds Northern Railway along the full length of Yarm, a distance of 760 yards (695 m), on 43 arches. The arches and piers are built of brick, with stone facings, except for the two arches over the River Tees which are of stone. On the spandrel between the two arches over the river is carved the inscription:-
Engineers Thos Grainger and John Bourne
Superintendent Joseph Dixon
Contractors Trowsdale, Jackson & Garbutt 1849
The total cost of the viaduct was £44,500. Henry Pease once observed "whatever else it may or may not boast, Yarm may be proud of two things: it was the pioneer of modern railways, and, in its stupendous viaduct, possesses one of the finest works of the kind in the kingdom."
Yarm Viaduct was visited as part of the survey by Jane Hatcher on 06/06/1975 who noted that:- Inscription on viaduct where crosses Tees naming the Engineers etc not wholly legible from distance. According to plaque 43 arches and 7 million bricks and half a mile in length. The viaduct was designed by Thomas Grainger.

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