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Pickering High Mill

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The IHO Project is a group of volunteers, led by members of the Yorkshire Archaeological and Historical Society and the Greater London Industrial Archaeology Society, who are committed to making knowledge of our shared Industrial Heritage available via the web. The team welcomes new members (either individuals or Societies) and if you would like to find out more please complete the form below and we will be in touch.

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Even if you do not wish to join the IHO Project you can contribute by adding Comments to any entry. Perhaps you or a members of your family worked at one of the sites, if so tell us about their recollections. Alternatively you may have old photographs or other records, if so we would be pleased to show you how these can be added to the site.

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The IHO Project has a number of on going projects and if you would like to find out more or have a specific interest please tell us on the form below.

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