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Rosedale East Kilns

Located alongside the Rosedale East Branch of NER, (opened 1866). The stone kilns are about a quarter mile north of Rosedale station, and the iron kilns nearly ½ a mile further north at High Baring.

The 'stone kilns', located at SE 70551 98183, have sixteen masonry arches twice the number of arches of the kilns at the West Mines where the magnetic ore was discovered. The kilns were built into the steep hillside and followed curve of the railway. Through the masonry arches can be seen the remnants of the firebrick lining and the ends of cast iron beams anchored into the back wall. Some of the masonry is missing at the centre point where it was deliberately removed after closure of the mine in order to facilitate salvage activities to recover the calcined dust from the lower hillside where it had been tipped as waste.
The ‘iron kilns’, located at SE 70540 98841, were of a completely different design from the stone kilns and would have originally have had wrought iron plates covering the whole of the front of the three bays of the structure. A small area of fire-brick lining can be seen at the top of the rear wall, originally the whole of the interior faces of the kilns were covered with fire-brickwork. Conservation of these kilns and the chimney was carried out by the North Yorkshire Moors National Park in the 1990s to arrest the rapid deterioration which was occurring.

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Linked Sites :-NYK00906,Rosedale East Ironstone Mines and Kilns
Address :- Rosedale Abbey, North Yorkshire, YO18 8RH
Grid Ref :- SE 70550 98180
Co-ordinates :- Lat - 54.374250 , Long - -0.915467
Local Authority :- Ryedale District Council
Pre 1974 County :- Yorkshire - North Riding
Site Condition :- Site derelict - some buildings remaining
Site Status :- Scheduled Ancient Monument SAM
Listing No :- 1018981

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